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We have a large community of bibliophiles who read one book per month; engage in book reviews; hold Ask Me Anything about book sessions; and enjoy camaraderie. Join us and have fun reading!

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So, why do nations fail? Why are Western Europe, North America and Japan rich and more prosperous than...

Abdullah Lashari

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Malcolm Gladwell wrote  the book, "Outliers: the story of success" to revolutionalize the way we look at success. He tries to summarise...

Ahmad Bashir

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son of hamas book
son of hamas

Mosab began the book with a description of his childhood. We are introduced to his family...


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about The club

In 2020, a group of book-loving friends came together to start a book club. Each person invited others and before long, it became the largest group of bibliophiles in Africa. This site will lead you to Book Reviews, Author Interviews, New Books, E-books, Audiobooks, Book Events, and everything about reading.
for the love of books
A long time ago, a cousin gave me a copy of a book that impacted me greatly. This was a book I did not even know I needed at that point of my life. Has this happened to you before? You meet someone and you wondered how you could have lived without them for so long. We have met people who talk about books this way too. We know that book discovery is a problem for most bibliophiles and our group on Facebook is helping many to know what to read through the monthly readings and reviews. 
Here, we will discover great books for you and help you develop a reading habit. Naija Book Club reads and reviews different book genres in Fiction, History/Biography, Business, Self Help, Parenting, DIYs, Politics/Geo Politics, Economics, Career, Finance, Travel, Science/Technology and so much more. We love recommending books for young adults, professionals, kids/teens, and parents, too!
Check our Blog for interviews with some of your favorite authors and captivating book reviews. We invite you to join our community of readers and you'd be glad you did!

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